[Unity3D] PaskyRun

First “Hello World” project just to learn 3D basics.

A very ugly clone of GravityGuy for , maded in Unity3D using C#. Just to learn something new!

Features (learned):

  • Infinite vertical scrolling menu
  • Multilevel
  • Levels locked until completion
  • Levels and blocks are created runtime using CSV files
  • Audio snippet for object collision and background
  • Collectible objects (stars)
  • Animated
  • Scrollable backgrounds
  • Save/Load data from disk
  • Autolayout
  • Custom fonts

How it works?

It’s very simple game. Is an auto-scrolling game that pressing “Space” (on desktop) or “Touch” (mobile) on screen, the player change its .
You do not drop out of the blocks and must reach the exit door!


Levels are created using TileMap editor for MacOS using this sprite:

and next exported as CSV file like this:


where a number correspond to an image name (block tile).

Are loaded in the Scene simply reading the file:

public LevelReader (int num)
	TextAsset csvfile = Resources.Load (Commons.kLevelPrefix + num) as TextAsset;

	list = new ArrayList ();

	string[] linesFromfile = csvfile.text.Split ('\n');
	for (uint i = 0; i < linesFromfile.Length; i++) {
		list.Add (linesFromfile [i]);

and drawed at runtime:

GameObject block = (GameObject)Instantiate (Resources.Load (col));
block.AddComponent<BoxCollider2D> ().isTrigger = true;
block.transform.position = new Vector3 (colIdx - 10, (rowIdx * -1) + 5, -1);

Player instead is an animated sprite:

Note from developer:

All images used in this game are founded online. Probably there is a copyrigth about it. I’ve used only for dev.



  • Unity 5+
  • MonoDeveloper for C#
  • TileMap editor for Mac


– iOS
– Android
– Mac
– Windows


  • Complete the game, it’s only an “Hello World” in Unity.


Source code on git: https://github.com/elpsk/Unity3D-PaskyRun