Lock Your Roll for iOS is now online!

Lock Your Roll is a new and innovative idea to lock (or unlock) your photos 🖼 directly from your camera roll without removing or moving in another albums! 😍

Now you can give your phone to your friends without worrying about your secret or NSFW photos 😱.

Lock Your Roll on App Store, Alberto Pasca

You can download it for your iPhone or if you prefer, for your iPad, it’s free to use!

The idea

Who has never given their mobile phone to a friend to show some photos? 🖼

But your friend start to swipe around your library… PANIC 😱😱😱! Your secret photos are compromised! 🤬

Here the idea, doing a market research, I’ll see tons of app that create secret albums, password 🔑 protected but they are moving the photos from your camera roll to the app itself, yes ok, but I want to maintain the photo in my camera roll, not outside. If I remove the app? I lose all the photos? No, I want a safe way to do this..

Lock Your Roll do exactly this, apply a blur and a logo on top of your photos, editing it in a safe way (rollback history is managed by iOS itself!) and leave the photo as-is in your camera roll.

You can now give you phone to your friends, safely! You secret picture are basically blurred!

Like this 🤩:

😎Cool right? 😍

Alberto Pasca, Lock Your Roll, lock your photo safely!

Icon history

The first idea is to make a 🎶 rock-n-roll disk 📀, with the films and a blurred side, but was too complex to understand. Lots of experiments without success…

After lots of attempts, my brother draw a draft of a simple Mole, I liked a lot so I created a vectorial reproduction with two version, one with the glasses (with stripes, blinded) and one without glassed (you can see the icon change in app after subscribing 😍…)

And finally the icon was born! 🎉

Alberto Pasca, Lock Your Roll, lock your photo safely!
Lock your photos, safely!

Now you can download it 📱, use it 🖼, share 🌐 it a leave a good review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

Lock Your Roll for iPhone / iPad

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