Swift – Simple full screen loader


resuming an old post, that help you to create an UIAlert extension to show a modal popup, https://www.albertopasca.it/whiletrue/objective-c-modal-view-in-navigation-and-tabbar-controller-projects/ , I’ve created a new modern implementation that use UIWindow.

The scope is to show a spinner (or a Lottie spinner, or whatever you prefer), centered in the screen with automatic or manually dismission. Background can be blurred or colored, like this screen:

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macOS – Disable microphone while typing

A simple application, written in Swift and Apple Script to disable the macOS global microphone (specially during a Zoom/Teams/Skype/whatever call).

The idea is to avoid sending the “chunky” sound to the others, during a call…

How it works

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iOS – Secure app sensitive information

Today I want to share a fresh new Swift Package SDK that helps you to hide sensitive informations on your app, like banking apps, in a easy way!

You’ll be notified via callback (optional) when a defined rule occur, and apply the right custom protection you prefer or simply use the integrated blur that cover your app automatically.

Available protections

While writing this post, the SDK provide these protections callbacks:

QuickTime screen recordingiOS avoid QuickTime recording
iOS screen recordingiOS block screen recording
iOS native Airplay / MirroringiOS prevent block mirroring
Background app screenshot cacheiOS avoid cache background app screenshot
User taken screenshotsiOS detect prevent screenshots

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DIY: Hack Weward for iOS

Weward is a mobile app that basically pay-you if you walk; offer also a price exchange and lots of offers inside the app.

The first time I opened it, I see at glance that I can hack it… and of course you can do it by yourself, very quick and easily. Let’s see how.

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BASH – Credit card number generators

Today I want to share a simple command line utility, used to generate random and valid credit cards number for:

- Visa
- Visa13Digit
- MasterCard
- Discover
- AmericanExpress
- DinersClubUSA
- DinersClubCanada
- DinersClubInternational
- DinersClubCarteBlanche
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Lock Your Roll for iOS is now online!

Lock Your Roll is a new and innovative idea to lock (or unlock) your photos 🖼 directly from your camera roll without removing or moving in another albums! 😍

Now you can give your phone to your friends without worrying about your secret or NSFW photos 😱.

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Send push notifications to iOS Simulator

As you know, when implement push notifications on iOS Application and run the app on simulator, you’ll receive this classic error in console:

Remote notifications are not supported in the simulator

But is really true?

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Debug (and control) your Robotic Arm with iOS

This is my work in progress ~50cm Robotic Arm with 6 AXIS Servo motors, an Arduino and a RaspberryPi (for image recognition in phase 2):

Arduino Robotic Arm 6AXIS iOS controlled

While writing the C++ code in Arduino I found I needed a way to send easily and fast commands to Arduino with my iPhone using Bluetooth.

Basically I need to control my robotic arm using an external device instead of running and running again the code on the Arduino board.

For this reason: I’ve attached a BLE board to Arduino and I have created a simple app (completely written in SwiftUI 😍😎) that use BLE connection to connect to Arduino BLE board and send string commands that are parsed and executed.

Commands sended are like:

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