[nodeJS] Turn-Based websocket chat

Sample demo using /

How it works?

  • There is a list of customizable players.
    Select one and wait for others player…
  • Other users see live the same selection and the same actions that you make.
  • Press start / stop to start time countdown.
  • If using Chrome browser, in the end you should see a Desktop Notification.
  • Very easy, stupid and of bugs.


package.json content:

	“name”: “Turn-Based socket”,
	“version”: “1.0.0”,
	“description”: “A Turn-Based socket time-tool.”,
	“main”: “index.js”,
	“author”: “Alberto Pasca”,
	“private”: false,
	“license”: “MIT”,
	“dependencies”: {
	“express”: “3.4.8”,
	“engine.io”: “1.6.8”,
	“socket.io-parser”: “2.2.6”,
	“socket.io-client”: “1.4.5”,
	“socket.io-adapter”: “0.4.0”,
	“has-binary”: “0.1.7”

Use NPM to install package.json

$ npm install

To start server, simply type:


or (if you have installed heroku toolbet (https://dashboard.heroku.com/))

$ heroku local

Usually localhost is on port 5000: http://localhost:5000

Demo screenshots:

Players list:

When a user select a player, this one is removed from list.

Users online now:

The selected users (from login page) goes here…

Player selection / Start|Stop:

Select a user to start/stop countdown (turn based)

Every peoples connected to this page, see the live events.

Known bugs:

  • a lot. It’s simple starting point project. Less than a MVP.
  • If you want to fix, you’re welcome!


This example was made editing the socket.io examplehttp://socket.io/

3rd party:

Download source code here: https://github.com/elpsk/Turn-Based-Web-Socket