Swift – Circular button bubbles with gravity

Today I want to show how to use the GravitySDK 🚀 (as discussed in the previous post) to make an animated bubbles buttons that falling around with gravity, like this:

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Swift – Have fun with GravityBehavior and DynamicAnimator

Today a funny 😎 way to use device motion to move using the gravity the objects on your view controller, like this:

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BASH – Credit card number generators

Today I want to share a simple command line utility, used to generate random and valid credit cards number for:

- Visa
- Visa13Digit
- MasterCard
- Discover
- AmericanExpress
- DinersClubUSA
- DinersClubCanada
- DinersClubInternational
- DinersClubCarteBlanche
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Lock Your Roll for iOS is now online!

Lock Your Roll is a new and innovative idea to lock (or unlock) your photos 🖼 directly from your camera roll without removing or moving in another albums! 😍

Now you can give your phone to your friends without worrying about your secret or NSFW photos 😱.

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Send push notifications to iOS Simulator

As you know, when implement push notifications on iOS Application and run the app on simulator, you’ll receive this classic error in console:

Remote notifications are not supported in the simulator

But is really true?

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Debug (and control) your Robotic Arm with iOS

This is my work in progress ~50cm Robotic Arm with 6 AXIS Servo motors, an Arduino and a RaspberryPi (for image recognition in phase 2):

Arduino Robotic Arm 6AXIS iOS controlled

While writing the C++ code in Arduino I found I needed a way to send easily and fast commands to Arduino with my iPhone using Bluetooth.

Basically I need to control my robotic arm using an external device instead of running and running again the code on the Arduino board.

For this reason: I’ve attached a BLE board to Arduino and I have created a simple app (completely written in SwiftUI 😍😎) that use BLE connection to connect to Arduino BLE board and send string commands that are parsed and executed.

Commands sended are like:

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iOS – Fake GPS position: how to use and prevent

Very often a lots of iOS applications use your gps position to retrieve data or to lock / unlock contents positions based.

With Android you can use lots of apps called Fake GPS or similar that allow you to change your real gps position with a mocked one.

On Android development side this can be blocked checking via code the:

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Candy Crush – Play without limitations

Today a funny trick to play Candy Crush without waiting and waste time for next life.

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Unity3D – Snap object in editor grid

Welcome back,

I want to share a way to draw in Unity3d editor a cubes based grid that allow you to snap objects in the same position and make a cube grid, like this:

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Swift – UIView gradient extension

Sometimes can be useful to add a gradient on a UIView. This simple UIView extension helps you “coloryze” your screen.

Let see how to use and how is implemented.

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