How to make (and read) an animated newspaper

Today I want to present a small project with a lot of potentialities, an animated newspaper.

Using the ARKit framework from Apple, I’ll show you how to play a video while passing on the newspaper pages with your camera!

The used newspapers

The scope of this project is to overlap a defined image on the newspaper with a video, for a better experience while reading the news.

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Swift – Recognize spoken text using Siri

A draft of SpeechManager.swift, that recognize the spoken text using Siri.

It use the Apple Speech framework (

Perform speech recognition on live or prerecorded audio, receive transcriptions, alternative interpretations, and confidence levels of the results.

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ARKit – Measure distances with augmented reality

Today a tutorial about augmented reality, in particular the use of the new Apple framework, ARKit, to measure distances between two points in a 3D virtual space.

Final result: ‹26 cm distance between the two green points.
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CoreML – Twitter sentiment analysis

Today a post about the new Apple framework – CoreML – a machine learning framework to use your trained data-model inside iOS apps.


The example of today is about machine learning to identify the mood of a collection of tweets (#apple, @apple, #covid-19, #love, etc…).

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Xiaomi Roborock – control via socket API

Why this guide?

My need was to control the robot asking simple commands through Google Home and Alexa like: “Alexa, clean the bathroom“.

With my robot, this was not possible. With the app, you can configure the zones but you can’t simply ask for cleaning only one zone, two times, for instance, all in automatic.

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Is really urgent?

Lots of people receive daily email, often an answer or a task must be completed URGENT, ASAP or EOD, etc…

These keywords sometimes generate anxiety or destroy daily mood.

Common examples:

  • I need your spreadsheet ASAP
  • URGENT: Have you voted yet?
  • RSVP: Need your answer by EOD

Today I want to present a funny Google-Chrome plugin to change the priority of your emails!

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Social counter API

For personal purpose, I need to know the number of followers, likes, subscribers, etc…

The examined social platforms are:

  1. Facebook (number of likes)
  2. Instagram (number of followers)
  3. Youtube (number of subscribers)
  4. Twitter (number of followers)

Let’s start.

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