CoreML – Twitter sentiment analysis

Today a post about the new Apple framework – CoreML – a machine learning framework to use your trained data-model inside iOS apps.


The example of today is about machine learning to identify the mood of a collection of tweets (#apple, @apple, #covid-19, #love, etc…).

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Xiaomi Roborock – control via socket API

Why this guide?

My need was to control the robot asking simple commands through Google Home and Alexa like: “Alexa, clean the bathroom“.

With my robot, this was not possible. With the app, you can configure the zones but you can’t simply ask for cleaning only one zone, two times, for instance, all in automatic.

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Is really urgent?

Lots of people receive daily email, often an answer or a task must be completed URGENT, ASAP or EOD, etc…

These keywords sometimes generate anxiety or destroy daily mood.

Common examples:

  • I need your spreadsheet ASAP
  • URGENT: Have you voted yet?
  • RSVP: Need your answer by EOD

Today I want to present a funny Google-Chrome plugin to change the priority of your emails!

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Social counter API

For personal purpose, I need to know the number of followers, likes, subscribers, etc…

The examined social platforms are:

  1. Facebook (number of likes)
  2. Instagram (number of followers)
  3. Youtube (number of subscribers)
  4. Twitter (number of followers)

Let’s start.

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Swift – Use ReplayKit to record a movie from your app

Today I want to show you how to use the Apple ReplayKit, to record a full-screen video without a status-bar from your app and save it in your library without using external libraries like GPUImages or something like that.

Let’s start!

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Swift – Read automatically pin-code from SMS / OneTimeCode

Very often you should insert a pin-code in a UITextField that some service in order to verify your identity sends you via SMS (generally for a 2FA, two-factor authentication).

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Use multiple GIT accounts on same machine / macOS

The problem_

In my personal case I use three different git services for store / share my personal / work code:

  1. Github // my blog code, free open sources code
  2. Gitlab // my work code, on-premise installation
  3. Bitbucket // my personal code, free private repo

Every service uses different SSH keys to use. Must be configured separately.

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Connect to Wifi network from code – Swift

With the NetworkExtension framework, you can customize and extend the core networking features of iOS and macOS. Specifically, you can:

  • Change the system’s Wi-Fi configuration
  • Integrate your app with the hotspot network subsystem (Hotspot Helper)
  • Create and manage VPN configurations, using the built-in VPN protocols (Personal VPN) or a custom VPN protocol
  • Implement an on-device content filter
  • Implement an on-device DNS proxy

The NetworkExtension framework is available in macOS and iOS, but not all features are available on both platforms and some features have specific restrictions (for example, some features only work on supervised iOS devices). The documentation for each feature describes these restrictions.

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