Is really urgent?

Lots of people receive daily email, often an answer or a task must be completed URGENT, ASAP or EOD, etc…

These keywords sometimes generate anxiety or destroy daily mood.

Common examples:

  • I need your spreadsheet ASAP
  • URGENT: Have you voted yet?
  • RSVP: Need your answer by EOD

Today I want to present a funny Google-Chrome plugin to change the priority of your emails!

How it works?

It read (in a completely anonymous way and without tracking anything) the DOM of a web page and when encounter one of these words, replace it a funny one (or the opposite):

  • Urgent -> Trivial
  • Important -> Irrelevant
  • ASAP -> next week
  • EOD -> next week
  • RSVP -> RWYW (respond when you want)

How to use?

Open Chrome browser, download the package from github:


Open Chrome Extensions and select “Load unpacked extension” and load the unpacked project.

On your Chrome bar you should see an icon like this:

The RED one (last icon)

How to test it?

Reload this page and all the words mentioned now are different!


Have fun and relax.


Alberto Pasca
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