[Swift] Instagram like app


Instagram like app.

  • Universal target (iPhone/iPad)
  • Swift 2.0
  • Autolayout

Made up for Coursera exam




Refer to the full instructions in the reading and download the starter project from Unit 5 content area.

  • Part 0:
    Download the starter project. This is the same “Filterer” project created during this course so feel free to use your own version if you’ve been following along.
  • Part 1: Implement Filter and Compare functions
  • Part 2: Refine the UI
  • Part 3: Optional Bonus Challenge – UICollectionView


SUBMISSION: Make sure all your project files are in a single folder with the main Xcode project file (with the .xcodeproj extension) at the top level.
Zip the folder first using the Mac’s compression command. (In Finder, right-click the folder and select “Compress”.)
Upload this zipped archive for reviewZip your .playground file and upload it to your submission. Your peer reviewers will download your zipped file and test in their playground.

Review criteria

To evaluate your peers in the best way possible, you should briefly review the work of your peers using the buttons near the top of this screen before giving scores and feedback on any of them. This will help open your eyes to what others have done.

You will be asked to provide feedback to your peers in the following areas:

  • Does a filtered image replace the original image when the user taps a filter button? 1 pt.
  • When you tap the compare button, does the visible image toggle between the filtered image and the original image? 1 pt.
  • Is the compare button disabled if the user has not selected a filter? 1 pt.
  • When the user touches the image, does the app toggle between the filtered and original image temporarily? Does the image toggle back when the user lifts their finger? 1 pt.
  • When images are toggled or switched, do they cross fade smoothly? 1 pt.
  • Have the filter option buttons been replaced with small example thumbnails? 1 pt.
  • Is it possible to adjust the intensity of the filter using a slider widget? 1 pt.
  • Has the static list of filters been replaced with a dynamic, scrollable list? (Bonus) 1 pt.
  • Have you found any crashing bugs in the app? 1 pt.

LANGUAGE: Submissions must be in English

Happy study.


Download code here: https://github.com/elpsk/InstaSwift


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