Google+ Plus Arduino Notifier

A very easy project this morning!

A robotic – automatic for with an , a motor and an… icecream box! (!

arduino google plus notifier

How it works?
A c# tool call and parse this, that returns, as response, a txt file called response.txt that contains these informations:

)]}’ [“on.uc”,2,300,”101932929612066440630″]

after “on.uc” we can see number 2. The number of notifications!
Google notification url was found reading html page of google+ login. “On Success“, open url. To show you if there are any notifications.

The tool send on serial port a value only if > 0.

Arduino recognize the string and move the servo +/- 90°. The box will open (showing google logo) or close (hiding all)!

Arduino code:

if (val > 0) servo.write(90);

arduino google plus notifierVery easy to do, 30m of work, but so coool!!!

Making of photos and video (today, only a simulated video because google plus and notification are under test):