Arduino iPhone controller

Hi all!!
Today i show how is possible to connect iPhone to Arduino without any Wifi or Ethernet shields!

Here the app that controls 4 leds (green yellow, red and orange), a DC motor with a fan, a piezo speacker and the room temperature with LM32 sensor!

Arduino iphone control

What you need?
– Arduino with anything you want
– iPhone iPad iPod
– A website to host php pages
– An internet connection on pc (Win + Mac)

What you need to know?
– A little bit of electronics
– C language
– C# language
– PHP language
– Objective-C language

In PHP make a stupid page that get in $_REQUEST a command and store it to a file on server!
Three lines of code…

In C# make a web listener that call php page and checks the output. If any condition are verified, send to COM9 the value that you want to get from arduino.

In C from Arduino, in the Loop() read Serial value. If the value respond to your configuration, call LigthUpLed(green) for example!

In Objective-C make an iPhone App with a stupid layout that call in GET your PHP page and send a command!

To make everithink work, run your C# listener app on Windows and from your iPhone send get call to web server!

Now, your nerd app will control arduino!!!

In this example app that i made, i control HIGH or LOW for Four LEDs, a DC Motor, a Piezo Speacker and a Temperature Sensor.

I used resistors, 4 leds, LM32, DC Motor, TIP120, diode, wires, beer.

Here a screenshot (click to enlarge):

Arduino iphone control
Here a video:




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