[WP7] Cool tiles generator

Hi all,
do tou like Windows Phone 7? Do you want to customize start menu adding images to your tiles???
Like these screenshots?

I have a solution for it!

I created a beta version 0.00001 page that permits you to create automatically tiles for your windows phone!!!

Here a tiny link, useful to open it from phone: http://goo.gl/g9BFS

It’s a simple web page. You can easily upload a photo, set your phone size and click generate!
Easy easy easy!

Now, after loaded an image and generated tiles, you need to center image in internet explorer, open tool bar menu and click “Pin to start” or “Aggiungi a start”, like this:

Move your created tile where you want and compose your collage!

Easy to use, cool to show!

enjoy and send me a feedback!

Rif: albertopasca.it


Alberto Pasca

Software engineer @ Pirelli & C. S.p.A. with a strong passion for mobile  development, security, and connected things.