[Win] Convert .rm + .camv +.smil in AVI mpeg4


a usefully thing (for me) that convert real media files like CAMV, RM, SMIL in iPod compatible video (AVI mpeg4).

It’s a multithread windows executable easy to use.

It merge RM and CAMV in AVI file and after convert the AVI in Mpeg4 for iPodcompatible video in 320×240.


you can download it here.

– Requires

Framework .net 2.0+

. It’s a C# application.

– Unzip all and click Rcam.exe. Mantain mencoder.exe and ffmpeg.exe in the same path of your executable.

If you prefer unix version of rm camv converter, read this old article.

WARNING! It’s a beta version 000000.000001 ! There are a lot of bugs… but it works!

it’s all.

Rif: albertopasca.it


Alberto Pasca

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