[Xcode] – Introduction to Auto Layout

Editor’s note: If you’ve downloaded the Xcode 6 beta and played around with it, one thing you may notice is the change of Interface Builder. The default view controller is now wider and doesn’t look like an iPhone 5. When you position a button in the center of the view and run the app, it doesn’t look good. The button is not centered properly.

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[Objc] How to get SecKeyRef from base64 coded string

This quick iOS Application Development tip will show you How to get SecKeyRefM from base64 coded string, which for iOS 7 utilises: So, let’s assume that you have a base64 coded public key, like:


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[ObjC] UIButton with rounded corners

APRoundedButton is a simple XIB/Storyboard extension to make rounded custom buttons, without writing one line of code!


  • ARC
  • iOS 7+
  • Xcode 5

How to use

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[Objc] Calcolo codice fiscale

Il codice fiscale in Italia è un codice alfanumerico a lunghezza fissa di 16 caratteri, ispirato dall’uso biblioteconomico, che serve a identificare in modo univoco ai fini fiscali e amministrativi i cittadini, le associazioni non riconosciute, i contribuenti e gli stranieri nati e domiciliati nel territorio italiano.


Nota: questo post è in Italiano, visto che il codice fiscale… è italiano!

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