Objc – Draw text along UIImage

The NSTextContainer class defines a region in which text is laid out. An NSLayoutManager object uses one or more NSTextContainer objects to determine where to break lines, lay out portions of text, and so on. An NSTextContainer object defines rectangular regions, and you can define exclusion paths inside the text container’s bounding rectangle so that text flows around the exclusion path as it is laid out. You can create subclasses that define regions of nonrectangular shapes, such as circular regions.

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Objective-C – UIStoryboard segue custom transition

UIStoryboardSegue object is responsible for performing the visual transition between two view controllers. In addition, segue objects are used to prepare for the transition from one view controller to another. Segue objects contain information about the view controllers involved in a transition. When a segue is triggered, but before the visual transition occurs, the storyboard runtime calls the current view controller’s prepareForSegue:sender: method so that it can pass any needed data to the view controller that is about to be displayed.

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Objectivec – 3D View Rotation

Today, how to make a 3d rotation using two UIView.


I want to rotate my view in 3d perspective, but after animation, buttons not responds to touch events.
This happens because after a 3d trasform, the point of view is different, and the frame go out for a walk…

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