Social counter API

For personal purpose, I need to know the number of followers, likes, subscribers, etc…

The examined social platforms are:

  1. Facebook (number of likes)
  2. Instagram (number of followers)
  3. Youtube (number of subscribers)
  4. Twitter (number of followers)

Let’s start.

Facebook – likes[URL_TO_ANALYZE]&fields=engagement&access_token=[TOKEN]

To use Facebook, you need to create a new app and use the generated token.

More on

Instagram – Followers

Instagram is simple, you need to parse the returned Json. The field is called “edge_followed_by”.

Youtube – Subscribers[CHANNEL_ID]&fields=items/statistics/subscriberCount&key=[YOUR_KEY]

Same as Facebook, you need to register your new app and create a new Key.

More info here:

Twitter – Followers

Easy also for Twitter. Parse json and get values!

Field is called “followers_count”.



Alberto Pasca

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