M5Stack – Review and useless saturday code

This is my new nerdy stuff: M5Stack, Arduino compatible!

M5Stack is an open source enclosed modular toolkit with stackable modules, user-friendly IDE, enabling rapid and high-quality prototyping

You can buy from official site or Amazon (http://m5stack.com/)

So I want to try this other stuff… I’ve downloaded the plugin for Atom (Platform.io) and searched for some nice code on github.


First one that I’ve found was the Bitcoin convertion in EUR. I’ve adapted a little bit the code and this was the result!

A useless BTC -> EUR exchange rate:

The code that I’ve used is here: https://github.com/dankelley2/M5Stack_BTCTicker

You can do lots of things because this little box contains lots of interesting stuffs, like:

  • wifi
  • bluetooth
  • buttons
  • speaker
  • GPIO
  • battery
  • more and more…

With fantasy and lot of free time you can do interesting things.

It’s very cool!


Alberto Pasca

Software engineer @ Pirelli & C. S.p.A. with a strong passion for mobile  development, security, and connected things.