Swift – Push UIView animation

Simple code snippet today that show how to push a UIView and obtain the same effect of a UINavigationController as push action, choosing also the side (.fromLeft / .fromRight).

We can do this using the CATransitionanimations. Very simple:

func push( view: UIView, side: CATransitionSubtype = .fromRight ) {
    let transition = CATransition()
    transition.type = CATransitionType.push
    transition.subtype = side

    self.layer.add(transition, forKey: nil)

Enjoy pushing!


Objectivec – 3D View Rotation

Today, how to make a 3d rotation using two UIView.


I want to rotate my view in 3d perspective, but after animation, buttons not responds to touch events.
This happens because after a 3d trasform, the point of view is different, and the frame go out for a walk…

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