[Wp7] Matrix Time Clock

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A simple matrix time clock with current data.

Created by an inspiration to my matrix clock on desk!
You can open it and watch clock all the night, it prevent your phone from sleep.

[Arduino] – Robo-Car v1.0

…and for version 1.0, my automatic controlled car with an ultrasonic sensor in front!

Components used are a ping sensor (ultrasonic) mounted on a servo, a solar panel (that powe on arduino chipset), 4 motors and a lot of wires!

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Arduino iPhone controller

Hi all!!
Today i show how is possible to connect iPhone to Arduino without any Wifi or Ethernet shields!

Here the app that controls 4 leds (green yellow, red and orange), a DC motor with a fan, a piezo speacker and the room temperature with LM32 sensor!

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