👋 I'm Alberto, a software engineer with a strong passion for mobile platforms (Symbian/iOS/Android/Windows), in particular 🖥️ macOS and 📲 iOS since 2009.

⭐️ In my career, I used various technologies and programming languages for a full-stack completeness. I've worked as UNIX sys-admin and SAN (Cisco, Solaris and Linux), Frontend and Backend developer, and of course as Mobile developer.

🔥 I like also developing my own executable tools and utilities for macOS or Windows/Raspberry, from UX/UI to code, for my mobile app and games, IOT stuffs for home-automation and personal applications with relative hosted web-services (AWS) on virtualized (Docker) or on cloud environments that follow best-practices and allow me to learn something new every day.

👽 Passionate about cyber-security, networks, penetration tests and secure code as white-hat.

🍷 Clean code, automation, CI/CD and a glass of wine, is a must.

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latest blog articles

Add a custom view on the Status Bar in macOS with SwiftUI

Alberto Pasca @ 2023/09/18 11:02:44

The macOS status bar is a powerful and convenient place to display essential information or provide quick access to your app’s functionality. By default, the status bar displays a standard system icon, but sometimes you may want to create a more customized experience by using your own views. I[...]

TAGS: #f1 #NSHostingView #NSMenu #NSPopover #NSStatusBar #NSStatusItem #popup #swift #swiftui #development #funny #macOS #mobile #xcode

Simplifying Data Persistence with Property Wrappers in Swift

Alberto Pasca @ 2023/08/07 11:00:00

In modern software development, data persistence plays a crucial role in preserving and accessing user preferences and app state across sessions. With the release of Swift 5.1, a new feature called property wrappers was introduced, which allows developers to encapsulate and automate common behaviors[...]

TAGS: #enum #Keychain #persistence #Storable #UserDefault #wrappedValue #development #generic #ios #macOS #mobile #swift