I'm Alberto, a software developer with a strong passion for mobile platforms (Symbian/iOS/Android/Windows).

In my career, I used various technologies and programming languages for full-stack completeness; I've worked as pc-technician, as UNIX sys-admin for networks (Solaris/Cisco IOS/Linux), as Frontend and Backend developer (full-stack), and of course as a Mobile developer.
I like to make tools for macOS, IOT stuffs, lots of mobile app and funny games, also with Unity3d.

Reach the highest possible code-coverage and unit tests for a better CI and CD is my favorite hobby.

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latest blog articles

BASH – Credit card number generators

Alberto Pasca @ 2021/08/26 10:00:00

Today I want to share a simple command line utility, used to generate random and valid credit cards number for: - Visa - Visa13Digit - MasterCard - Discover - AmericanExpress - DinersClubUSA - DinersClubCanada - DinersClubInternational - DinersClubCarteBlanche - JCB How it works? Is a c[...]

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Lock Your Roll for iOS is now online!

Alberto Pasca @ 2021/08/20 09:30:00

Lock Your Roll is a new and innovative idea to lock (or unlock) your photos directly from your camera roll without removing or moving in another albums! Now you can give your phone to your friends without worrying about your secret or NSFW photos . You can download it for your iP[...]

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