I'm Alberto, a software developer with a strong passion for mobile platforms (Symbian/iOS/Android/Windows).

In my career, I used various technologies and programming languages for full-stack completeness; I've worked as pc-technician, as UNIX sys-admin for networks (Solaris/Cisco IOS/Linux), as Frontend and Backend developer (full-stack), and of course as a Mobile developer.
I like to make tools for macOS, IOT stuffs, lots of mobile app and funny games, also with Unity3d.

Reach the highest possible code-coverage and unit tests for a better CI and CD is my favorite hobby.

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latest blog articles

Swift – Have fun with GravityBehavior and DynamicAnimator

Alberto Pasca @ 2021/11/19 09:00:00

Today a funny way to use device motion to move using the gravity the objects on your view controller, like this: Setup For this demo the interface is very simple: add lots of default view objects, like buttons, labels, switches, etc… And connect everything via IBOutl[...]

TAGS: #CMAcceleration #CMMotionManager #gravity #iOS #motion #swift #UICollisionBehavior #UIDynamicAnimator #UIGravityBehavior #generic

BASH – Credit card number generators

Alberto Pasca @ 2021/08/26 10:00:00

Today I want to share a simple command line utility, used to generate random and valid credit cards number for: - Visa - Visa13Digit - MasterCard - Discover - AmericanExpress - DinersClubUSA - DinersClubCanada - DinersClubInternational - DinersClubCarteBlanche - JCB How it works? Is a c[...]

TAGS: #generic