iOS – Symbolicate crash logs from published application

A simple memo on how to symbolicate and read the crash logs from Apple in order to identify where your crash happened.

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Swift – Native OCR reader

Starting from iOS 11, Apple introduces a new framework called Vision.

The Vision framework performs face and face landmark detection, text detection, barcode recognition, image registration, and general feature tracking. Vision also allows the use of custom Core ML models for tasks like classification or object detection.

Today we implement with few lines of code one of the simplest features of this beautiful framework, the OCR reader.

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Create your own XCode template

Very often you create a new class or a new view controller and customize it before start coding.

Every time you select from XCode, New File, the file type and add it to your project, like this:

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Insects Hunter – AR shooter for iOS

Today I want to tell you what happened on my latest iOS game released, “Insects Hunter – AR Shooter“… and why the insects?

Before starting, download it from App Store (it’s free for a couple of months!

Insects Hunter – AR Shooter

I started the development of this simple game during the quarantine, the scope was to kill all the COVID-19 viruses that appear around your photo-camera.

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Hacking “Laica Body Touch” weight scale with iOS

I have bought a new weight scale that works with or without a smartphone.

There is a proprietary app, called Laica Body Touch.

Problem with this app are:

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Track GPS position with iOS app killed

I want to share a simple how-to, used to get the GPS position of an iOS user with the app completely closed, in the background, and in the foreground without using any useless workaround like idle timer and background operations…

We discuss about the GEO-fence tecnique. You can read more on Apple reference:

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How to make (and read) an animated newspaper

Today I want to present a small project with a lot of potentialities, an animated newspaper.

Using the ARKit framework from Apple, I’ll show you how to play a video while passing on the newspaper pages with your camera!

The used newspapers

The scope of this project is to overlap a defined image on the newspaper with a video, for a better experience while reading the news.

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Swift – Recognize spoken text using Siri

A draft of SpeechManager.swift, that recognize the spoken text using Siri.

It use the Apple Speech framework (

Perform speech recognition on live or prerecorded audio, receive transcriptions, alternative interpretations, and confidence levels of the results.

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ARKit – detect plane with augmented reality

Draw a grid on the floor using augmented reality and eventually place objects on it.

augmente reality, arkit, plane detection, grid
The grid on the floor placed using ARKit

Let’s see how it works

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Swift – Rotate image using Gyroscope

Rotate a UIImageView using Gyroscope:

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