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Ben Dietzkis does a really nice walk-through on his journey in creating an animation similar to the image below: Ben touches upon a number of topics including CALayer and CAShapeLayer, as well as adding “depth” via CATransformLayer. All the code is written in Swift. @cocotutch – CALayer Transfigurations on iOS iOSDeveloperTips.com [...]
gio, Ago 04, 2016, Continue reading at the source
Not so long time ago I was asked to integrate Facebook ads in a project. Without having done so before, I prepared myself for a potentially long process, even a little bit painful, and then I got started searching the docs. Against my initial thoughts though, I went through the [...]
lun, Ago 01, 2016, Continue reading at the source
Timers can be a surprisingly tricky tool to use correctly. Deferred invocations and single fire timers are simple enough to get working but they vary between an unmaintainable anti-pattern that should never be used and a construct highly prone to subtle ordering problems between control and handler contexts. Join me for a [...]
ven, Lug 29, 2016, Continue reading at the source
I recently gave a talk about Protocols with Associated Types (PATs) – I was worried that my audience would already know everything about PATs, but turns out the opposite is true. Many didn't know what PATs were – which I should have anticipated in hindsight, since it took me a [...]
gio, Lug 28, 2016, Continue reading at the source
I keep having a hard time remembering how Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals (IUOs) work in Swift 3, so I went back and watched that part of the What's New in Swift WWDC16 talk again. This time, I want to write it down as a reference to myself and for anyone else [...]
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