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Brief Summary:

Nationality: Italian
Date of birth: 28/10/1984

   :: Italian (First Language)
   :: English

   :: Objective-C [iPhone/iPad/iPod] developer.
   :: C# (+oracke/sql) and PHP (+mysql) developer.
   :: HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML.
   :: Java Mobile developer.
   :: Under study Windows Phone 7 and Android.

   :: Certificated SUN JAVA PROGRAMMER
   :: Certificated ECDL
   :: Completed Cisco CCNA part 1-4
   :: Driving License B

   Software developer

   :: Mobile
       Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod,
       Windows Phone 7,
       Java Mobile J2ME (blackberry, android)

   :: Web
       PHP, ASPX.net, jQuery, Ajax

   :: Desktop Windows / Unix / Mac
       Java, C#.NET, PHP,
       Objective-C, Ansi-C, SHELL scripting.

   :: Database
       mySql, Oracle, plSql, SQL lite, rms

   :: Embedded devices

Operating Systems

   :: Windows
   :: Mac OSx
   :: Linux
   :: Solaris
   :: Mobile os